Diploma In Teacher Education

  • Minimum Entry Requirement

    Candidates  of  any age  will be  eligible  to  register  for  the  examination if  they  have  pursued  the  three  year  Diploma  in Teacher  Education  course, provided they  posses  the  following  minimum  qualifications:

    Sighted Candidates

    1. K.C.S.E.  C+ (PLUS) Mean Grade or equivalent qualification.
    2. C+ (plus) in the subject of specialization or   equivalent.
    3. C (plain) in English or equivalent for all   applicants.
    4. C (plain) in mathematics for those taking science.
    5. D+ (plus) in Mathematics for those taking humanities and creative Arts.

    Assessment & Examinations

    The teaching  subjects  will  be  examined  through   continuous  assessment  and  final  written  examinations.

    Subjects To Be Covered

    Student select two from the subject below plus education and physical studies 

    Support Subjects

    • 9501 Education – Compulsory.
    • 9502 Physical Education – Compulsory.


    • 9503        English.
    • 9504        Kiswahili.
    • 9505        French.

    Humanities and Creative Arts Sciences

    • 9508 Geography.
    • 9509 History and Government. 
    • 9510 Christian Religious Education. 
    • 9513 Business Studies.
    • 9514 Art and Design.
    • 9515 Music.


    • Mathematics
    • I C T [computer studies]
    • Agriculture
    • Home economics

    Regulation for the D.T.E Course

    A candidate must take two teaching subjects and professional studies as support subject.

    • The course duration is three years.
    • Practical teaching will be undertaken for two terms
    • To be awarded a DTE certificate the candidate should have successfully completed the practical teaching {TP}


    The examination will be conducted externally by the KNEC

    Personal Effects

    All sorts of personal effects including 2 bed sheets, 2 blankets, a floral bedcover (pink for women and maroon for men), a plate, a spoon, a, medium size cup, washing basins, washing soaps, toilet soap, toilet papers (5), personal clothing (at least three pairs of each), two pairs of low heeled black closed shoes and one bucket.

    NB: Mark your main items with indelible ink.

    Dress Code/College Uniform to be Bought by Student


    • 2 black trousers
    • 2 black skirts (2 piece)
    • 2 white long sleeved shirts and 1 black tie
    • 1 black sweater & 1 black tie
    • A pair of black shoes
    • Long sleeved skirts (not blouses
    • A black sweater
    • Black low heeled shoes
    • Black blazer/coat
    • 2 black skirts (2 piece)
    • 1 black sweater & 1 black tie
    • 2 white long sleeved skirts (not blouses
    • A pair of black low heeled shoes
    • White socks

    All trainees must report with one sky blue track suit, one pair of sports shoes or rubber shoes.

    NB: Recommended text books to be given later

    Writing Materials

    • 1 ream of foolscaps
    • 12 ruled 200 pg exercise books
    • 2 squared 200 pg exercise books
    • 1 ream of photocopying papers


    This college provides full boarding facilities which are mandatory as per the ministry of education requirement. All  students are served with a common college diet. Private cooking for students is not allowed anywhere in the college.

    The diet comprises ugali, cabbage/ sukumawiki, meat, githeri and rice. Tea is only served for breakfast. The college does not cater for special diet. The college will provide: a bed, a cup and a plate

    Student to report with: mattress 4” by 3” feet and heavy blanket, 2 blue sky blue plain bed sheets and cover,1 towel , spoon, bucket/ basin, sugar and cocoa


    Only first aid and simple cases are treated at the college dispensary. Serious cases will be referred to government general hospitals. Special cases which require attention or admission at private hospitals form specialized treatment such as eye sight need spectacles; chronic diseases etc will be paid for by the student themselves

    KNEC Examination Fees

    Each student will pay ksh.12,500/= towards KNEC examination registration fees payable 1st term of 2nd year.

    Deposits for KNEC Examination fee are done to:

    Account Name: International Teaching and Training centre
    Bank: National bank of Kenya
    Account number: 01020060934300
    Branch: Harambee Avenue

    Special points to note

    • If you have persistent medical problems, bring with you a doctors letter with the history of the case. Also bring sufficient medicine to last a term.
    • Remember to bring suitable clothing bearing in mind that ittc can have extreme of temperature changes.
    • The college does not offer special diet for students if for any reason you must take any special diet from the one provided by the college, you must make your own arrangements.
    • If need arises that the college arranges for your specialized treatment, you will be required to meet the charges thereafter.
    • The college rule and regulation shall apply to all students without exception



    Registration fees 1000      
    Tuition & Boarding 22,000 20,000 18,000  60,000
    Activity fees 1000 1000 1000  
    Medical fee 500 500 500  
    Bus maintenance 500 500 500  
    Electricity 500 500 500  
    Water 500 500 500  
    TOTAL 1ST YEARS FEES 26,000 23,000 21,000 70,000
    2ND YEAR FEES Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 TOTAL PER YEAR
    Tuition & Boarding 20000 18000 16000  54,000
    Activity fees 1000 1000 1000  
    Medical fee 500 500 500  
    Bus maintenance 500 500 500  
    Electricity 500 500 500  
    Water 500 500 500  
    TOTAL 2ND YEAR FEES 23,000 21,000 19,000 63,000
    3RD YEAR FEES Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 TOTAL PER YEAR
    Tuition & Boarding 20,000 6,000 6,000  32,000
    Activity fees 1000 1000 1000  
    Medical fee 500 500 500  
    Bus maintenance 500 500 500  
    Electricity 500 500 500  
    Water 500 500 500  
    TOTAL 3RD YEAR FEES 23,000 9,000 9,000 41,000
    1. Full fees payment is required on opening of each new term.
    2. Fees must be paid by direct deposit in the international teaching and training centre provided below..
    3. Deposits can be made in the international teaching and training centre account in any of the banks below across the country

    Account name: International Teaching & Training centre
    Bank: National Bank of Kenya
    Account number: 01020060934300
    Account branch: Harambee Avenue

    Submit the deposit slip to the college